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Mercedes White
Dec 20, 2020
In Siblings Forum
When your sibling dies, part of you dies. The same kid you fought with is some how the one person you would give your life to see. You think about all the goodbyes and arguments and you never really think that one day it’ll be your last. Your parents late unrecognizable and I get it. They lost their kid. But we lost our best friend. We aren’t recognizable. We can barely breathe but somehow we have to breathe for our parents and if we have younger siblings, we kinda gotta breathe for them too. We have to be strong. They might tell you that you don’t have to be but if you’re a sibling, you know you do. You have no room to grieve because somehow everyone else’s grief is bigger than yours. I am the oldest of 4. And I love it. But when my brother died, I wish I wasnt. i wish I didn’t have to take care of everything. I wish someone held me and let me cry. But that wasn’t the case. And I was upset about that for a long time but my purpose in life is to take care of my family. I know that now. I guess I’ve always known that. I didnt want to write on here because I don’t know any of you And it’s not the type of thing I do. But my mom is my hero and what the parents of the group have done is something really extraordinary and I’m proud that my mom is a part it. Alvin Marcello White AKA Nunu AKA my Irish twin will forever be missed And contrary to popular belief, when I see him again in heaven, I won’t let him win in basketball. I love you my boy. Until next time. Mercedes
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Mercedes White

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