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Terry Salazar
Oct 27, 2020
In Siblings Forum
I want to dedicate this page to my children as they were the ones to be my anchored when I loss my son their brother to Murdered 2016. They held it down and help me fight thru days where I just wanted to give up. As a mother losing a son I was so lost in my despair I could not see the pain my children were in ,how they fought to help me survive when they themselves were drowning. Because all focus is on parents we tend to lose sight there are siblings broken in despair also we overlook their pain. No More !Today I want to acknowledge that you matter , your pain matters and you will no longer be forgotten. I pray this page will bring healing to my children and each one of you. This is your page to journal your healing to speak of your brother or sister to remember them to dedicate a poem a story cause you matter let’s be that voice to always remember our love ones. Light of hope is who Jesus is restore and make whole father “Their Story For Your Glory”!

Terry Salazar

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